Mutual Assured Delight

The Me I Am


So my name is Colin  and I grew up on the East Coast. Originally this blog was a place to post a few articles I liked, but I think that now that nobody is really reading this anymore, I can be a bit more honest with myself. I love to write, though someone times I forget that a bit to often. Wether it is poetry, music, articles, essays, etc. I really do love exploring the worlds found between words. The tactile sensation of a pen in the hand or a finger on the key excites me to point that sometimes I am too scared and awestruck by the power given to do anything. Of course, my love of reading comes from a healthy appreciation  of books, because I truly believe that the only way to create is to copy, transform, and combine.

My other hobbies, many of which I find to be the topic of my essays, is music (I love composing, listening and playing. Music is the only thing that will always truly bring me warmth on the coldest of days), being  an animated TV/Film connoisseur,  reading novels and comics that are: Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Dystopian, Live Action Role Play( don’t knock it toll you try it with my friends), long walks on the beach, listening to others, living life to the fullest, yada yada yada Christian Mingle.
Though I doubt anybody will find this blog in the vast yet continuously  expanding and morphing monolith known as the internet, I take comfort in knowing that I have a venue to express my thoughts freely.  If you do end up reading this, I hope you an excuse me for my rants and enjoy my musings and observations. Youl’ll come to see that some of my earlier posts will be vasly diffrent from my newer ones as I too expand and morph. Thank you.
Expect Geek.Music.Weird

Later on my friend who is also going to be on here will post something about Himself. Until, it is just me.


Oh, and M. Night Shyamalan is my unofficial mortal enemy

11 thoughts on “The Me I Am

  1. Love the title “Weapons Of Mass Delight”!!

  2. Geekness \m/

  3. Wo0t! Thanks I made this blog a long time ago and kind of let it sit. But now I am revved and ready to write

  4. Ever read Something Positive? I got the title doing U.S History HW and reading this Webcomic. http://www.somethingpositive.net/sp12192001.shtml

  5. Kara on said:

    So who do you consider your pikachu in the room of magicarps?

  6. Oh, I have someone in mind back home. Nice girl, but her choice in comic company is pretty poor.

  7. Yeah but she is pretty awesome despite that

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