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Terms and Trolls

In Roleplaying games you have many types of people. You have the born leader,  the helpful healer, the tough tank, and so on and son. There is another well-known player whose mere mention strikes nausea into the heart of every player. This particular player is infamous across the land, from the depths of D & D to the jungles of Japanese JRPG. This player is unrelenting, devoid of mercy, and lacking the very thing that makes a role player a role player. This player is the meat in a vegetarian casserole, the fire at an explosive plant, the arrow in the knee! Run, don’t walk, when the very name drips from the crevice of the experienced players lip like a blob of egotistical ooze. Whatever you do, do not say its title three time fast lest it appear quicker than Beetlejuice after a funeral.

God modder

God modder


So what is a god modder? A person who is god modding is a player within a rpg who gives themselves abilities that ensures them to be successful.  When a person god mods, there is no reason or experience capable of defeating them because they are acting outside of the rules of that particular rpg.     Here is an example of exactly how annoying  god modding is.

Sam the Savage(average Role Player):  Using his Agorian Axe, Sam strikes at Deus’s arm.

Deus Ex Machina (Godmodder): Sam, being the loser that he is, misses and begins to cry. Taking pity on him, Deus uses the infinity sword he just found a few seconds ago tocut Sam into a millon little pieces.

That may be a little bit of an exaggeration, but not far off.

Here is a more relatable example. Remember when you were children on the playground participating in a rousing game of tag. As the person who is it, it is your duty to tag all the other children in the school yard. The first five children are easily aprhended. Then you get to Donny, and the dialugie goes something like this.

“I got you!”

“Nuh uh”.

“Did too!”

“I used my cloak of invisibility. You couldn’t see me”.

“ We aren’t playing Harry Potter, Donny”.

That is pretty much what playing with a godmodder is like. There is only one thing to do with that kind of situation. Do not try to reason. Do not attempt to show them the error of their way unless, of course, they are new to roleplaying. The only way to get rid of a godmodder is to ban them. Destroy their ability to interrupt your role play. They are not only insulting the moderator and the players, but the integrity of all role-players who play for the experience of the game and not just the experience.


Trolls and Terminology One

Believe it or not I have friends.

No, really.

Believe it or not, not all of my friends are gamers or into comics/fantasy.

Stop laughing, I’m trying to be serious.

Now, I will be the first to admit that there are people who surpass me in every conceivable way when it comes to geekery. Still, I understand the lingo and even sometimes use it.  (Hey mom, I didn’t make the football team but I got a certificate from the Harvard saying that I am fluent in L33T). This is where the language barrier comes in.  Sometimes a phrase or term is used that does not have a direct translation into the realm of pop culture or common speak.  That is why decided to do this weekly. I am going to attempt to explain certain terms to the best of my ability.         Please, if I get something wrong tell me.



Hammerspace (Magic Satchel): We have all played Pokémon, right.  I’m just going to assume that everybody has played Pokémon at least once in their life. Remember that small little bag that your character had around his/her back. Remember how it could 99x Potions, 99 empty poke balls, a bike, a ridiculous amount of HM’s/TM’s, and your cool refreshing Coca-Cola ( Never Pepsi because Pepsi is Communist scum. America!) ? That’s a magic satchel. Hammerspace also explains why Zelda can carry so many weapons and Oscar the Grouch has an infinite amount of garbage in his trash can.


Think of it like this. Have you ever seen a girl pull phone out of their chest?

Now imagine if instead of a phone, it was Dumbo.

Ok, maybe not an exact analogy but it’s like that.

How about, imagine a larger than average (obese) man running away from an ax murderer and is able to successfully hide behind a sapling.  Where did the rest of him go!?


Hammer Time?

Noooo, Hammer Space.

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