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The Joys of LARPing


Once a month in southern part of New Jersey, a magical occurrence happen for three suns and two moons. During this time the steadfast brick wall between reality and fantasy crumble  peeling away of preconception of belief and the unknown. As the dust settles and the earth lays to a rest a new land is formed. This land  is full of nefarious necromancers and wise wizards. This land is full of  elegant elves and ominous ogres. This land is safe haven for the weak and the strong, the fast and the slow, the fearful and the fearless with every other imagination of being ever to be spun on the spinning wheel of creativity and wonder.

This land is Evermoore.

 After  two painful months away from the South Jersey based LARP( That’s Live Action Role Play Playing) Mystic Realms, I finally found my way back to the Glory of Guildenhall. I had picked out my  deep elf costume(always a work in progress) and made the heart wracking decision of what kind of ears to purchase (halfing, regular,  or incredibly long anime ears)  and was set for the weekend. On the first night, I was able to experience a side of LARPing that I have never touched before. I was able to NPC. 

NPC stands for non player character. A non player character is a person or thing that helps the storyline and is not character that earns status or point for completing tasks. This can range from being a happy mushroom that throws spores to a hero from an era long gone that needs the players help in fighting spirits.  NPC’s help characters earn gold/items and move the storyline along. They are the framework of the mighty building known as The Story. On friday was given the opportunity to play an ogre. The experience was incredible. It was as if I was able to finally see the wires behind the computer. Needless to say, I plan on doing it again.

In under 80 hours I fought killer ants, became a gypsy hunting ogre, and evaded semi sentient moving lava. I was able to experience a different world from different eyes and truly suck the marrow from life.  LARPing is not the an escape from reality, as many people are led to belive, but an augmentation of existence. Live Action Role Play for me is a portal to experience different people and emotions that would be difficult to imitate in my regular life. So far, I have only attended two events, so take my word with a large shaker of salt. Maybe I am completely wrong and I am still in the honeymoon phase, with the stress of reality of cold hard truth eventually bearing its fangs me.

I don’t think so though.

I have spoken with people, both older and younger, who have been  LARPing for years. It seems to me that going to these events have made their regular lives not fade into shadows, but brighten to the height of a million suns. One day I hope to be able to look back at this post not just with fond memories but also with the same enthusiasm that I have now.  I look forward to writing more and more about my adventures into this brave new world.

Live Any Good Adventures lately?


Front of the Courier Post

Front of the Courier Post

Mystic realms

How Geek Grant got his Groove Back


What’s a Joss Whedon?

Can you eat it!?

Okay. Before I begin, I have to get something off of my scrawny back.

I haven’t been a real geek in four years……OH NOEZ!

Yes it is true. That bright eyed (figure of speech, my eyes are as brown as my chocolate skin) bespeckled young boy who stayed up past his bed time and read Dragon Lance ( Warning: do not let your young children read Dragon Lance. It is NOT for kids) under the covers by the light of a purple Gameboy advanced had been abducted. His theft was not orchestrated by trouble-making Trolls or vicious Vulcans or even a sickening Shamlyan (I don’t care what you say I will never forgive him for what he did to team avatar).  No, he was locked in a dungeon by the worst kind of End-Of-Level Boss imaginable.

Life. Duh….Duh. DUUHHHH!!!

Okay. Maybe not as bad as Dark Link, but still, ouch.  Now, I am not saying that I still didn’t watch the occasional episode of Bleach when my insomnia got the better of me on a Saturday night or go the occasional midnight movie/book premiere, but I was less of the man (or geek) I was.  Like most of the people (if you are actually people and not the imagination of an autistic child within a snow globe) reading this, I have had my fair share of isolation and regression into fantasy.  My escape became my reality.

And I was okay with that.

But, like voice actors for dubbed One Piece, things change. In high school I joined the musicals, the academic programs, every possible music group, and focused on my studies.   I was also convinced (forced) to join the marching band. Though I gained social status (Not to be confused with good social standing. I just actually gained a status; like paralyzed or poisoned.), I lost what made me, well, me. I no longer role-played online as Delano Sloane/Atrum krigare on Gaia Online, I no longer spent all of my money on Manga/ comics and videogames, I no longer spent my days on MangaVolume with friends from across the globe, and I no longer squealed in delight for every new Pokémon game. Sure, I was still a geek who got pissed when nobody knew who Gwen Stacey and why she was important, but I was Geek Kool-Aid (shut up) watered down. This went on for a period of time that I am ashamed to share.

But then something happened.

 The Fire Nation attacked?

Something amazing happened that changed my life for the better.

 Avatar Aang broke out of the dreaded Titanic iceburg?

School began to end. One by one my “more important” commitments faded away, and Grant the Geek grew stronger. Marvel Movie Madness, Young Justice, and so many more things gave him his strength back. Manga was his ambrosia and the gods of geek found him in their favor. There was one thing left that had to be done though.

Enter: Mystic Realms.

At an “It Gets Better” event held by a friend of mine, I reconnected with a graduate from my school. After talking for a bit she mentioned LARP. Now don’t get me wrong, I have been around the block with RP’s a few time, but never anything physical.  She spun magical stories to me about elf’s and gods and warlocks and shadow monsters. After much convincing, I found myself being driven to my first LARP event.

I was hooked before it even began.  The atmosphere and the people was a breath a fresh air. Colin Grant the ex-geek was gone. In his place Grant Atrum Sloane, a deep elf rogue was born. Grant was bought into the realm known as Evermore and brought into the group known as GuildenHall. Grant was taught how to fight, how to trade, and how to die. Alot.

I died alot.

Yet, even dying was exciting and breathtaking. This was the jumpstart that I needed for my batteries. Mystic Realms helped bring me back to the culture that made me happiest. I learned that the answer to which is better, brother hood or original is always brotherhood (Google it). I learned that it was okay to be a fan boy, even if you accidently talk about your first experience with yaoi. I learned that there is life after death, as long as you have a healer close by.

Most of all, I learned that life is all about choices. Before the event began Vito, the coordinator of that particular event, gave a speech that was nothing short of a paradigm shift. He talked about choices.  Some are made for, and some we make. Sometimes the choices are positive and other times negative. Sometimes, the choice is simply not to choose anything.  These choices shape who we are, where we are, and why we are.  On that day, I chose to not only choose Grant the Geek, but accept him with open arms and embrace him. My next chapter in life is college. I do not know what choices I will make in the next four years. All I know is that I will make them as me, Grant the Geek.

Okay? Okay.

Oh, and Apparently Joss Whedon IS edible. He tastes like your favorite food. Mmmmm, Whedony.

Mystic Realms is a Live Action Role Playing group located in New Jersey. We-and I say we because I am one of the newest members- focus primarily on the theatrical side of role-play. We are more than players killing everything in sight. We are the actors, audience, and directors. Sure we still have epic battles. My thighs were sore for days. The MY difference is that it is all done with fun and the RP in mind. Though I entered Guildenhall first, Mystic Realms has something for everyone. Zombies, Apocalypse, and much much more. I implore you to check it out, even if you have never even heard of LARP before. We have something for everyone.

Ooo Eee Ooo Ah Ah. Ding, Dang Shyamalan’s a ding dong.


Remember, Geeks are people too (kind of)


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