Mutual Assured Delight

Polite Poetry 2

I Keep my Glasses Dirty

I keep my glasses dirty

Memories of warm teddy bears and warmer lies fog the lenses.

The precipitation or pollution (At this point I could not care less which) polishes off my carefully selected illusion.

I keep. my glasses. dirty

I meander meticulously into half-truths,

enlightened euphemisms that

become sweet cacophony  to my ears

Never mind the fallacy

Never mind the falsehood

Never mind the fickle and muddled  mind.

I AM Odysseus for the truth

the truth is too much for my poor mortal eyes to behold.

I shrink away behind my

dirty dual lenses to hide from a dirty dual life.

my bespeckled bed time story that whispers sweet somethings to me.

I keep my glasses dirty

For I cannot bear to face a

clear candid world.


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